Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Ball-Less" Baseball Promotion

According to a minor league in Hudson Valley New York has seen recent complaints for its promotion for a game this week. Their "Ball-Less" promotion was for the "celebration of femininity and independence," and men would not be allowed in until the fifth inning.

The Promo said that the men would be entertained outside with a parking-lot tailgating party and so they wouldn't miss the game it would be broadcast on big-screen T.V.'s. The county, who owns the stadium, says that the promotion was in "poor taste" and said it might also violate human right laws.

The team did say in their defense that "men will be allowed in if they want and boys will be let in with their mothers." The team also said that the promotion's "'ball-less' title, which critics see as a reference to women not having testicles, was a baseball reference and any sexual connotation was 'fortunately or unfortunately coincidental.'"