Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dismal Start for Braves

Originally being from at Atlanta I have to show my bias every once in a while, I'm just hoping I won't be embarrassed to do so this year.

After ending last season in a terrible collapse, the Atlanta Braves have started the 2012 season 0-3 against there division rivals the New York Mets. Today was the final game of the three game series and the Bravos got no-hit by Jonathon Niese into the 7th inning were they were promptly gifted a base runner by an error and went on to earn 4 runs in the 7th and another in the 8th. They ended up losing the game 5-7. Currently the winless braves have scored a combined 7 runs and allowed 12 runs this season. A dismal senario considering their pitching should be their strength. This is all against the Mets who were projected by most analysts to finish last in the division and yet are now first after this series versus the braves.

Things are looking up for the braves as their offensive production in this last game was more than their average over the past year and their next series is against the Houston Astros who, if last season is any indication, are one of the worst teams in baseball.