Wednesday, June 24, 2009

College World Series Split, Who Will Win it All

Game two of the NCAA college world series goes to Texas just as I had said but LSU didn't fight back like I had thought. Texas came out firing and once they got the lead they never turned back. Even with their aluminum baseball bats the two teams only combined to score 6 runs all of which coming in the first three innings making this a very low scoring college baseball game. Texas's win does however bring my baseball predictions up to a record of 17-5.

Now both LSU and Texas have a chance at winning their sixth and seventh College World Series title, respectively, and each team definitely has the skill with several players that will likely play Major League Baseball. Both teams have outstanding power and outstanding pitching, and both teams have had seasons deserving of a College Baseball World Series title. But only one team can win and who it is will come down to three things: pitching, hitting, and motivation. LSU and Texas are pretty even when it comes to the pitching and hitting so I think the true factor determining who wins tonight is motivation, who wants to win it more. I believe that LSU will want it more for a couple of reasons. They are just coming off a loss where they were all but completely shutdown by one pitcher who pitched a complete game and they will want redemption tonight and will be looking to swing the baseball bats early and often. They also have so many fans in Rosenblatt Stadium it's almost like they are playing a home game. If the crowd can get into it early I have no doubt that LSU can win. Remember you heard it here first that LSU will win this years NCAA College World Series.