Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rays Looking for New Place to Play

Even though they are the Tampa Bay Rays (formerly Devil Rays), they have always played in St. Petersburg which is across the bay from Tampa. There, they have played in the only domed field in in the MLB for the last decade which has had several complaints about the catwalks which sometimes change the direction of hit a baseball. But since 2007 the newly named Rays have been searching for a new place to call home. They are searching throughout the bay area and want to find an area near the major population of the city. This with the state-of-the-art retractable roof design the stadium will hopefully draw a larger crowd to the games. That is the ultimate goal of this project which is predicted to be completed as early as opening day 2012.

After their MLB world Series appearance last some think the fans deserve a new stadium to watch the local team compete at the highest level. And with the new unique sail like design of the retractable roof Major League Baseball had no problem approving the design. Currently the team has found three possible locations for the new baseball field each with it's own advantages but there has been no word yet which one will be the sight of the new Tampa Bay Rays stadium.