Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rome Braves Manager Rant

This is the Rome Braves (a minor league baseball team of the Atlanta Braves) Manager, Randy Ingle, arguing a call made against his team. Now it may seem a bit extravagant but he did have good reason.

It was the top of the tenth inning and the Braves catcher, Matt Kennelly, had just hit the baseball out of the park for a three-run home run which would have given the braves the lead. The Braves dugout was cleared and they were all already celebrating as Kennelly was rounding first when the home plate umpire called foul ball. This threw Randy Ingle over the edge, and he let the umpire know what he thought of the call, even going as far as to move third base to about where the shortstop would stand and mockingly motion for a foul ball.

This is not something new within the braves organization as you may remember the legendary tirade by Phillip Wellman, manager of the the Mississippi Braves, which became a viral hit. But it can be said that it all comes from the top at the major league baseball level, where Bobby Cox has the all time record for ejections with over 140. It seems to me that the Braves organization is alright with its managers being ejected because they see it has a purpose whether it's influencing the umpires, pumping up the players, or becoming a viral hit. I guess it's like they say there's no such thing as bad publicity.