Saturday, June 13, 2009

Are the Blue Jays Out of the Race Already?

The Toronto Star has reported that Roy Halladay has been diagnosed with a mild groin strain and he's considered day-to-day. Even though the team has said he'll will be back in a week he is still considered day-to-day.

This brings an old saying to mind: one man does not make a team. But in Toronto's case it works in the opposite way: one man can break the team. Without Halladay Toronto has no pitching sensation, no player of particular mention, no person to draw fans to games, and with the loss of Halladay Toronto loses any hope they still had of making the playoffs. Now I know the team has said they won't need him to pitch again till next week and that he should be able to play by then but what if he can't. I believe if he gets put on the DL then Toronto should just call it a season then and there. But lets hope it doesn't come to that.