Thursday, June 11, 2009

Predictions of the AL East

Now I have already said that the Braves are my favorite team but the local team that I have to root for is the Tampa Bay Rays. Now I love the Braves but alas I can't go watch them play so I settle for watching the Rays. Now I have to say I'm not just some ban wagon fan after their ALCS run last year. I have been going to Rays since the franchise started. I believe last years success was no fluke but the culmination of hard work and great coaching.

Now to my predictions.

Well right now Boston is leading the division followed by the Yankees, Toronto, Tampa, and Baltimore. I believe that the three major powers of this division are the Red Sox, Yankees, and Rays and that Toronto is playing well right now but they do not have roster to stay around. The Rays who are 6 games off the lead are still a pretty young team and I see them finding their groove and catching up to Boston. Now I think Boston is a great team and they have a great roster and coach in Terri Francona but I don't think they can keep it up the way David Ortiz has been playing this year. I just think that his mental struggles will be contagious and the hole team will have difficulties this year. Now as for the Yankees I think that they started slow and are picking up speed with C.C. Sabathia hitting his stride and with A-Rod in the lineup I have them winning this division. But like I said early I see Tampa Bay getting Better and even winning the AL wild card.