Saturday, June 20, 2009

Batting Tips: Increase Your Power

Many people think that professional baseball players can hit the ball as far as they do because they have big muscles from either working out or using steroids. While that may be true for a few choice cases most power the pros have, the real power, comes from correct techniques and proper training.

While lifting weights can make you stronger, it's not always a guarantee you will be able to hit the ball harder. In fact, if you become to strong you may lose your full range of motion hindering your swing or even worse lose bat speed which is the most important element of any hitters approach.

To truly gain a good approach and increase your power I suggest Baseball Fit. It is the best organized program I have found yet that increases your power legitimately. Not only does it not just tell you to beef up and add more muscle but it instructs you on how to have a proper swing to add power and gives you techniques and reasoning behind all of it's training.