Monday, June 15, 2009

Batting Tips: Use a T

This blog, being about everything baseball, I'm going to start giving baseball tips, tricks, and drills. I figured I'd start with something simple but is severely over looked: The use of a batting T.

I think the most popular reason for people to pass on using a T is they think its only for children. They would be mistaken because there are pro's that swear by the T. The T can be used in several drills and with proper use just simply hitting off the T can improve your swing.

Consistent use of the T can help hitters shorten their swing, make better contact with the ball, and gain comfort and confidence in their swing. These can all be gained with simple repetition but, for even more benefits, you can do different drills with the T. The most simple drill is every time you take a swing at the ball move to a different spot of the batters' box to simulate different types of pitches. What I mean by this is in a game the pitcher is not going to throw the same pitch in the same spot every time so why would you practice like that. When you move do not move to where you can't hit the ball comfortably you just want to move far enough for the T to simulate an outside or inside pitch. To get the best results when you swing always try to go with the pitch. If the ball is on the outside part of the plate hit the ball the other way, if it's an inside pitch pull the ball, and if it's down he middle try to hit the ball down the middle.

I hope this helps and remember the T doesn't have to be just for T-ballers.