Sunday, June 14, 2009

Predictions for Chicago Cubs this Season

Well the Chicago Cubs Had the best record in the National League last year but where unable of even getting out of the first round of the playoffs. Many people have blamed their infamous curse of the billy goat but I think it's just mindset. Now I am not saying if you think you can win you will, because that's just stupid. I could believe I'd play in the MLB but it'll never happen. I think they were in the mindset that they couldn't win which led to there downfall.

Now this season the Cubs haven't shown near the dominance they did last year when they finished 33 games over .500. This year they are currently sitting on .500 and are currently sitting 2.5 have games off the lead in a very competitive division. There have been times this year that the cubs have looked like championship contenders but others when they have struggled with the fundamentals. I believe their most glaring weakness is that there power leader with 14 homeruns, Alfonso Soriano is there lead off hitter. They have a solid pitching staff which has a collective ERA of 3.85, which is the 4th best in the MLB.

My prediction for the Cubs is a slight improvement from last year; they make the post season when the first round but lose the NLCS thus continuing the belief of the curse.