Tuesday, June 16, 2009

College World Series Predictions for 6/16

Well not to toot my own horn but I thought since I got both of my predictions right yesterday I would add a couple more today.

The first game today is North Carolina and Southern Miss. Now I think this will be an interesting game for a couple of reasons. This is an elimination game so the loser goes home this means both teams are going to give it 110%. However more interestingly is probably the comparison of the two teams batting stats. North Carolina's batting average is .309 while Southern Mississippi's average is just .002 lower at .309. And the number of base runners shouldn't be a big difference as both schools have an on-base percentage of .401. The real difference comes in the pitching. North Carolina has a team ERA of 3.61 and 650 strikeouts as a whole while Southern Miss. has an ERA of 5.04 and only 435 strikeouts combined. I think North Carolina has the definite edge and will keep their tournament hopes alive.

In the second game is Arizona St. and Texas. They are both great teams and they both have great stats but in this era of homeruns and aluminum bats this game will be an oddity. Both of these teams have incredible pitching stats Texas with an ERA of 2.86 and Arizona St. with an ERA of 2.76. With these great stats I think it will be a difficult game for both teams but I think Texas will have better poise and more confidence coming into this game so I think they win it in a close game.