Friday, June 19, 2009

Sammy Sosa Testing Positive for Steroids

As reported by the New York Times, Sammy Sosa tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003. This is according to "what was supposed to" be an anonymous study in 2003 to see how prevalent steroids were in baseball. The result of the study in which 104 of the players tested, resulted positive for performance enhancing drug(s). This study became widely known after it was reported that A-Rod's name is on the list adding him to the list of players who are known to have used steroids. Even though the study was supposed to have been anonymous, Sammy Sosa has now become the second person reported to be on the list.

Sosa's lawyer denied comment when asked about the report but no one can be sure if Sammy Sosa's name is truly on the list because the list itself has not yet been made public. It is my personal belief that it shouldn't be made public because the players who took the test were told the tests and results would not be made public. I also think that the players' union should personally apologize to both A-rod and Sammy Sosa for not destroying the list themselves.

Although now that it is out there, speculation will take place. A-Rod did admit to using steroids from 2001 to 2003 which was when he trained with Angel Presinal who has been banned from MLB clubhouses and is under investigation for his role with A-Rod. Sammy Sosa also trained with Angel Presinal during these years and often traveled to the Dominican Republic for training sessions. Although no definite conclusions can be made, you can make assumptions from the allegations, which can be just enough to destroy careers or chances of making it into the Hall of Fame.