Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NCAA Elimination picks

After my astounding picks yesterday I am now 4-0 when it comes to picking College World Series games.

So to keep up my streak I have decided that for the rest of the tournament I will be picking games two at a time.

Tonight is Arkansas and Virginia. Both are good teams or they wouldn't have gotten this far but I think there will be one dominating factor in deciding this game. It is momentum. I believe because Virginia is coming off a win they will have more confidence and more determination then Arkansas who is coming off a crushing defeat from LSU.

Tomorrow night's game will be Arizona State and North Carolina. I think there will be a similar deciding factor in this game seeing as one is coming from a loss and the other from a win but I think more importantly than that North Carolina is the more experienced team. I believe that after being in a program like North Carolina has prepared the players for a game like this. This is not to say that Arizona St. is not as good of a program or that the the players aren't as experienced but I believe the North Carolina players will have the will and the courage to win tomorrow night's game and avoid elimination.